‘Take a proactive role in learning’: Newham Sixth Form College

Ismail Abdillahi is a first year A-Level and Honours student studying A-Level economics, government

Ismail Abdillahi is a first year A-Level and Honours student studying A-Level economics, government and politics and maths. Photo by Newham Sixth Form College - Credit: Archant

Meet Ismail as he settles into his first year at college.

Ismail Abdillahi is a first year A-Level and Honours student studying A-Level economics, government and politics and maths. Alongside his course, Ismail is also taking part in the many student development opportunities at NewVIc such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) supported by Greenwich University; the Classics programme in partnership with King’s College, and the Wadham Project with Oxford and Cambridge where he has the chance to attend lectures, seminars and go on residential trips.

Considering all of this, it’s no surprise that he is also a student ambassador and represents the college at events and Open Days.

We caught up with Ismail to find out a little more about his experiences so far and why he joined NewVIc.

What made you choose NewVIc?

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“NewVIc was my first choice. I chose to come to the college because it offered a great curriculum for the subjects that I wanted to study. The college has great learning facilities and I felt that it could benefit my future. I’m really happy to be here.”

Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met?

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“I travel to Kenya every summer to spend time with my family. I met Kenyan former professional long distance runner Paul Tergat in the summer of 2015. He was the first Kenyan to set the world record in various world marathons between 2003 -2007. When talking to Paul in Kenya, what really inspired me the most was his determination to never give up despite his humble background.”

How have you been supported with your aspirations?

“I feel the teaching staff try to help and support every student regardless of their starting points in order to achieve their ambitions and great grades. They challenge, encourage and support all of us. The careers advice I got from the college has also helped me to see the various opportunities that are available and has given clarity to the career path I would like to pursue.”

Tell us about your involvement with the Classics programme, the Wadham Project and the EPQ.

“My involvement with these was as result of me wanting to gain further insight outside of the classroom on subject matters that are very interesting to me. These programmes have also given me the opportunity to gain key skills like the ability to think critically, and work effectively in groups and with people you aren’t always familiar with. These are important attributes that are not only fundamental for university but also essential for real life. The extra-curricular activities will help to build my portfolio that will be greatly useful when applying to university.”

What is your advice for students considering NewVIc?

“My advice for all prospective students is to take a proactive role in learning whilst also getting involved in the many different extra-curricular activities that are in abundance at NewVIc. NewVIc is a good place where you can develop your skills to bring out the best in yourself. Most importantly make sure you pick subjects that you enjoy studying.”

So what’s next?

“To continue my current course of study and hopefully get accepted to my first choice university at King’s College for September2020 to study politics.”

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