Newham Scouts design new clothing for Muslim girls

A Newham Scout group were thrilled when they were asked to help design a new clothing range with Muslim girls in mind.

The iScout hoodie dress was developed by designer Sarah Elenany, founder of the Elenany fashion label, and Muslim girls in Scouting.

The knee length outfit is modest and elasticated - practical enough to wear during activities - but it also features a graphic print inspired by the Scouts’ adventurous spirit to add a touch of style.

Almas Mayet, 20, from Upton Park, is a Scout Leader with the Newham 7th Salaam Scouts, based in Forest Gate since September 2011, who are dedicated to serving their community and “jumped at the chance” to create their own uniform.

Almas, also a History and Politics student, said: “The hoodie dresses are a real leap forward for both Muslim and non-Muslim girls everywhere and we absolutely love them.

“The hoodies are aesthetically very pleasing, and look just like what you’d find on the shelves of popular urban fashion oriented stores- the neon colouring, the soft, comfortable material, the hood and the edgy, Olympic-inspired designs on the bottom all point to a newer, more ‘with-it’ face of Scouting, and it’s with pride and pleasure that young Muslim girls are the ones pioneering it.

“As a group, we’ve seen a real re-discovery into Scouts and it seems to have ignited a fresh wave of interest into who we are and what we’re about.

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“There was a real niche in the market, especially in Newham, where there are so many young Muslim people who wish to join and be a part of national organisations like Scouts, but who feel that clothing may be an issue.

“These hoodie dresses have proven to both bridge and strengthen the gap between the Islamic requirement of modesty and the active needs of the modern Scout and we have noticed an overwhelming positive reaction on the hoodies from absolutely everyone we’ve spoken to about it.”

The new hoodie dress is limited edition with plans to launch further additions to the range later this year.

To join the Newham 7th Salaam Scouts, based at 313 Katherine Road E7 8PJ, call 07872124180.