New Stratford library opens at University of East London

Lord Noor, Cathy Walsh and Professor John Joughin hold a time capsule at the launch of the new Strat

Lord Noor, Cathy Walsh and Professor John Joughin hold a time capsule at the launch of the new Stratford Library - Credit: Archant

A new library opened in the campus of a London university with a digital library and over 130,000 printed books and journals.

The £14million library at the Stratford Campus of the University of East London (UEL) was opened this morning (Wednesday 25) by its chancellor, Lord Gulam Noon.

Work on the building began in October 2011 by architects Hopkins, who designered the Olympic Park’s velodrome, and drew on feedback from students through a questionnaire and a furniture selection workshop.

Lord Noon said: “This is a fantastic building and it is my honour and privilege to unveil today’s plaque in honour of the opening.

“I hope the students use the facility and take advantage of the building as much as they can.”

The library has 120 open access computers for students and staff, landscaped gardens and access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during semester.

A time capsule was buried by Lord Noon and vice-chancellor John Joughin in the grounds of the library to be opened in 2063.

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Items were selected by library staff and include a date stamp, plans for the new library, photos of current staff and a letter to librarians of the future.

Friday Obodo, president of the UEL Students Union, said: “The new library beats beauty. It is a reflection of the university’s good intention that students have a fulfilling experience during their studying life.”

Cathy Walsh, director of Library and Learning Services, said: “I am sure the new library will really inspire students’ learning and provide a great environment for them, sitting at the heart of the campus and of the university – it is the library our students truly deserve and have been waiting for.”

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