Money matters for East Ham pupils

MONEY matters were on the agenda when pupils from an East Ham school paid a visit to Canary Wharf.

Children from Brampton Primary School learnt about the importance of money management during a visit to the global headquarters of Barclays, which was organised by Newham Education Business Partnership (NEBP).

Robert Pope, project manager at NEBP, said: “The Barclays Money Skills programme with Brampton Primary provided a platform for young people to learn about money in a corporate environment that they will not have experienced before.

“It was a pleasure to facilitate the group with the support of volunteers from Barclays. “Students undoubtedly learnt a great deal about using money from the workshop.”

Working with the support of volunteers from Barclays that included cashiers, bank managers and mortgage specialists, the pupils took part in a number of activities.

Fatima Deen, nine, said: “We learnt a lot about money: how to use it; different ways of paying for things and their good and bad points.

“It was fun and I enjoyed the morning.

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“We were taken to the 30th floor and the view from there was stunning.

“The cars on the roads below looked like toy cars.”