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Nicole Schnappauf, curriculum programme manager and teacher of mathematics, at Newham Sixth Form Col

Nicole Schnappauf, curriculum programme manager and teacher of mathematics, at Newham Sixth Form College. Photo by Newham Sixth Form College - Credit: Archant

This is Nicole Schnappauf. She is the curriculum programme manager and teacher of mathematics. Find out her thoughts on teaching and working at NewVIc.

On her work-life

I love working at NewVIc, it’s such a diverse and inclusive place where each individual students’ progress and wellbeing counts. Students and staff are very supportive of each other.

On the most inspiring person she has met

I have so much respect for my grandmother Lizy, whose whole life was driven by equality and diversity.

She led the resistance against Adolf Hitler in Frankfurt as a single mum and after the war worked tirelessly across many unions and political parties for women’s rights and the integration of Gastarbeiter and refugees in Germany.

On her teaching career

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I have taught in the UK for the last 23 years from primary education to university level, NewVIc is the place I love the most.

I have been here for 12 years and every day still brings a new challenge or something unexpected.

I enjoy managing an enthusiastic and inspiring team of practitioners.

They are always at the forefront of educational theory, practice and technology and are completely focussed on ensuring that our students flourish and reach their potential.

I am also involved in a national group that advises government agencies and exam boards on the future of maths education.

I enjoy this role very much as it allows me to bring the needs of NewVIc students onto the national platform.

On student progression

I am very proud of my maths students, be it an A Level maths student or GCSE resit student.

Many students discover their real love for maths with us.

Year on year we are sending a high percentage of A Level students to STEM related subjects at university on apprenticeships and internships.

I am particularly proud of the number of girls among these.

Most of our students stay in touch and year-on-year many make me proud with first class degrees from top universities.

The diversity in the classroom and the respect students have for each other creates a learning environment that allows students here to be successful and integrate well into university and or working life.

Many of our A Level maths students fall in love with the subject whilst being at NewVIc and change their careers accordingly.

It’s a great pleasure to see students arrive with some confidence in maths and see them leave as strong mathematicians ready for an interesting and successful career out there.

On NewVIc

NewVIc is the best place I have ever worked at – the diversity of the college and our students’ energy creates a dynamic learning environment.

Our students are ready to take on active roles in making sensible and effective decisions for their future careers.

Newham Sixth Form College is not only about academic development but about the development of the whole student through our outstanding student development programmes and sports academy.

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