Maureen marks 40 years at Stratford nursery

Maureen Meeking's 40th anniversary party

Maureen Meeking's 40th anniversary party - Credit: Melanie Ridgley

If you or your children ever attended the Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Children’s Centre, chances are you’ll know Maureen Meeking.

Maureen Meeking plants a rose with Zachary Huby, four, and Scout Mann, one

Maureen Meeking plants a rose with Zachary Huby, four, and Scout Mann, one - Credit: Melanie Ridgley

The outreach worker celebrated 40 years of caring for the borough’s children with a surprise party.

Family and friends joined staff, governors and those who Maureen had looked after in the past to celebrate her long career at the Marcus Road centre.

Her colleagues had started making plans for the occasion at the start of the autumn term, managing to keep it a complete secret from Maureen.

She said: “To have my team spring such a surprise on me without me having a clue, proves that they are all very clever and devious.”

A lot has changed over the past 40 years, and a slideshow of photographs of Maureen’s career showcased that, with hairstyles and fashion trends of the 70s and 80s on display for all to see.

She was presented with the pictures in a ‘This is your Life’ style photo album, as well as a cake, a bouquet of flowers and an engraved locket.

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Maureen said: “I’ve got so many wonderful memories from the years spent working for Newham.

“I’ve been lucky that everything works so well.

“Things have changed so many times over the years, but to see the ex-pupils come along with their families gives me such pride to see how well everyone has done.”

After the party, two current pupils, one-year-old Scout Mann and four-year-old Zachary Huby, helped Maureen to plant a ruby rose in the nursery’s garden.

The plant is accompanied by a plaque to mark Maureen’s long service.

Rebecca Cheetham’s executive headteacher, Angela Tapscott, said: “As others have come and gone over the past four decades Maureen has been the constant.

“We all look forward to many more years of Maureen playing an essential role in the life the nursery.”