Manor Park high seas adventurers

Five fortunate pupils from a Manor Park school have been sailing the sea in a once in a lifetime yacht adventure.

The children from Little Ilford in Browning Road voyaged from Southampton to the Isle of Wight in a trip organised by the Young Horizons and Ashton Mansfield charities.

After completing their weekend expedition, one of the children said: “I enjoyed everything as every day we experienced many different scenarios that sailors go through on a daily basis.

“The crew were kind and extremely supportive.

“Now that the trip is over I would go again because I found out a lot about myself and I thought it was good to leave home and to have peace for a while.”

The fearless fivesome were selected because of their ability to work with other students within a team, show initiative, think on their feet, follow instructions and take control of a situation if needed.

Mr Whitehead, deputy pastoral achievement leader of Year 11, said: “This yacht trip was an ideal opportunity for the students to develop these skills.

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“We were able to observe the students in a real situation where they had to work together, to rely and trust each other and show initiative and take charge of a situation.

“For these reasons the yacht trip was very successful.”

The five 14-year-olds (pictured from left to right) were: (front row) Jeevan Chauhan (14), Christine Bukasa, Vera Ferreira and (back row) Ada Plakwicz and Najeb Naseri.

The pupils were accompanied by school resource manager Ms Whitehead and pastoral achievement leader, Ms Noor Mohammed (back centre).