Manor Park beauty queen wants to talk sex

A teenage beauty queen has enlisted the help of TV celebrities in her campaign to improve sex education in schools.

Shereece Elissia Marcantonio, 18, from Manor Park, is passionate about getting young people to teach others of the same age about sex.

Although she has already trained and taught the subject in several secondary schools in the borough her project is getting a huge boost from Battlefront, a Channel 4 youth programme, which has picked her as one of five young campaigners to film.

Battlefront will be following Shereece for six months as she tries to change the world with sessions in schools in the borough. The show can be seen online at although it is expected to air on T4 in September.

She said: “I know it works and just wish it would be possible for every young person in the nation to receive peer to peer lessons on sex education. If I can I want to possibly change the national curriculum to include peer to peer lessons, as part of the variety of sex education.

“I have many celebrities supporting my campaign and I hope other young people would support it as I am really trying to make a positive difference.”

Shereece is the only one of her older siblings not to have had a baby as a teenager and works with the GLA to engage young people in schools about sex and relationships as part of her ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ campaign.

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Shereece, like her five colleagues, is receiving help from experiences mentors and a dedicated Battlefront team so they can turn their issues into fully fledged campaigns.

As part of the Battlefront project Shereece has met stars from Skins and The Only Way is Essex as well as Jason Derulo.

Early in the year, Shereece Lee, as she was then, won the title of Miss Teen East London in the Miss Teen Galaxy 2011 pageant.