London 2012: Canning Town singer releases ‘Olympic’ song

A wannabe Olympic Games singer has criticised a lack of opportunities for young people in Newham to get involved in the event.

Newham College vocal tutor Natasha Carver, from Canning Town, has so far been knocked back in her attempts to submit her latest track - the London 2012 inspired Bronze, Silver or Gold - for use during the opening and closing ceremonies.

The 28-year-old believes Games organisers Locog should make more of an effort to include contributions from people who live and work close to the Olympic Park.

She said: “I think there should be more of a representation from east London, I’m a singer from east London and I know that I can sing really well.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic for someone born and bred in this area to have their work on show at the Olympic Games. “There are so many events happening. Even if it was played over the loudspeaker it would be amazing and would encourage other people.

“I know they have reached out to some of the schools but I haven’t seen anything else.”

The single, which Natasha describes as a power ballad, is scheduled for release before the Olympics.

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She has the backing of her colleagues at Newham College, her father Brian, mother Elizabeth, and mentor Paul Murphy.

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