Langdon School East Ham opens despite teachers strike

Langdon School will open today despite strike action by teachers following the break down of talks at ACAS.

Members of the National Union of Teachers are locked in a dispute with the school and Newham Council over management and workload issues.

They were in talks at ACAS on Tuesday but failed to reach agreement and called out union members to take strike action which in the past has resulted in the school being closed.

Today, however the school will be opening as normal.

Amir Shah, head of ethics and philosophy at the school, said: “The Head Teacher Dr Manuzah Tabassum has opened the school to ensure that the children get their entitlement to education and learning.

“Local parents are relieved that the school may no longer be adversely affected by ongoing strikes by the local National Union of Teachers over varying issues. By keeping the school open local children from reception to secondary will continue to come to school and learn.”

He said members of the residential and local business community have also rallied to support for the head teacher and over 70 had signed letters of support for her and the work she is doing.