Comedy play tours schools in bid to educate children on knife crime

It's No Joke! play

It's No Joke! was performed at seven of the borough's primary schools - Credit: Ollie Wilson/Newham Council

A show using humour to educate children about the consequences of carrying a knife toured seven Newham primary schools.

It’s No Joke!, delivered by theatre company The Comedy School, reached a total of more than 400 pupils at Ranelagh, Kaizen, Hartley, Cleves, Keir Hardie, St. Luke’s and Ravenscroft primary schools.

Actors Alphonso Brown, Adam Lay and Olivia Lee performed the play which depicts gang culture, knife crime and policing, followed by a mini quiz and a question and answer session with the children.

It's No Joke! play

The show uses humour in its depictions of gang culture and knife crime - Credit: Ollie Wilson/Newham Council

Councillor Carleene Lee-Phakoe, Newham’s Brighter Futures cabinet member, said: “Knife crime devastates families and, by teaching the next generation about the consequences early on, we can truly make a difference.

“The It’s No Joke! play helps deliver this message in a humorous and engaging way."

Comedy School founder Keith Palmer added: “If you’re laughing, you’re listening and, if you’re listening, that’s when the education process can start.”