Jump into the history books

AN ARTIST and photographer is looking for Newham schools and community groups who would like to be part of a world record.

Clare Newton is aiming to break the record for the largest photograph by capturing thousands of people in mid-jump in the five Olympic host boroughs over the next year.

Clare said: “I would very much encourage groups around Newham to get involved.”

People from Newham will feature among the 10,000 Clare is aiming to capture for a photographic mural that will be up to two-kilometres long and weigh one-and-a-half tons.

The monster photograph is to be exhibited at ExCeL in the Royal Docks when it is completed.

Clare began her ambitious project with a photo shoot of 400 students and staff at the University of East London in November.

Her exploits are being followed by the BBC, which screened the first in a series of programmes about her exploits this month.

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Any schools or community groups who would like to take part should contact Clare at www.jump4london.co.uk or e-mail jump4london@gmail.com