Jordan,10, pens another book

ONE of the Britain’s youngest authors has written his second book at the age of ten despite having epilepsy.

ONE of the Britain’s youngest authors has written his second book at the age of ten despite having epilepsy.

Jordan Takpi will soon be launching The Adventure of Shakershock the Superhero.

Though he is now ten, Jordan, who lives in Meath Road, Stratford, wrote his first book at the age of six.

He is among three of the country’s youngest authors but was beaten by a six-year-old girl who had her first book published at the end of last year.

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Jordan, who goes to Ranelagh Primary in Stratford, was diagnosed with epilepsy aged two and has had to learn to concentrate harder than many of his peers to do well in school and to fulfil his dreams of writing children’s books.

His first book, Jordan and His Spots, was published when he was seven.

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He loved the experience of writing so much that he began penning his second book only a year later.

The Adventure of Shakershock the Superhero is Jordan’s newest effort and will be on sale at the end of this month from Xlibris Publishing.

The book is about a young boy named Maxi who becomes a superhero and realises his powers come from shaking.

Jordan was unaware when he wrote the book that this superhero was reminiscent of someone who has epilepsy.

Having thought about it after writing the book, Jordan said he was pleased it translates in this way.

He wants 20 per cent of the proceeds of the book to go to the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy so that he can contribute to helping others like himself.

Writing appears to run in the family as Jordan’s mother Zoe Cameron-Dove is a self-help author as well as a licensed Reiki practitioner.

David Ford, chief executive of NCYPE, said: “Jordan is an amazing boy. He is living proof that having epilepsy does not have to hold you back. To be so talented and caring at his age is brilliant.

“For him to offer a share of the royalties from his book to the NCYPE is fantastic. Jordan is a real example to other young people like him.”

NCYPE is a national charity for children and young people with epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

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