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Students from Newham broadcast their own news stories in BBC project

Pupils from Newham schools have been making the news in a BBC national project.

Sarah Bonnell in Stratford and Langdon in East Ham were among 800 schools across the country to broadcast their news of the day as well as come up with a special report on the Olympics as part of a BBC scheme.

Langdon Year 9 pupil, Ajmal Sherwali, said: “It was a great experience and hopefully it will come in handy for my work experience, maybe even a career option.”

Other issues covered by the East Ham news hounds, included whether facebook is a good thing, the current reputation of teenagers and career options for students.

Angele Tolstosejevaite, of Year 9, said: “It was great fun.

“My favourite part was discussing all the topics.”

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During their Olympics report, the children joined in a discussion with Gold Medal winner Tessa Sanderson.

The national BBC project was designed to get 11- to 14-year-olds engaged in the news.

During the past few months the pupils at Langdon and Sarah Bonnell have been honing their journalist skills in order to prepare for their broadcast.

Sarah Bonnell teacher Lorraine Green said: “The students have worked really hard and have really enjoyed learning how the news is made.”

Sarah Bonnell Year 8 pupil Ingerta Dafku said: “It’s been great fun.

“My favourite bit has been going onto the BBC News Bus.”

The project, which coincided with the 2011 Census, included a School Report Survey in which students answered a number of questions on subjects ranging from how they travelled to school and what they thought about the Royal Family.