Heavy snowfall closes 14 Newham primary schools

Pupils from fourteen primary schools in Newham will be enjoying a day in the snow today.

The following schools have announced their closure due to heavy snowfall:

Cleves Primary - www.cleves.newham.sch.uk

Dersingham Primary - www.dersingham.newham.sch.uk

Eleanor Smith School www.eleanorsmith.newham.sch.uk

Essex Primary - www.essex.newham.sch.uk/

JFK School - www.johnfkennedy.newham.sch.uk/

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Maryland Primary - www.maryland.newham.sch.uk

Monega Primary - www.monega.newham.sch.uk

Rosetta Primary - www.rosetta.newham.sch.uk

Sandringham Primary - www.sandringham.newham.sch.uk

Sir John Heron Primary - www.sirjohnheron.newham.sch.uk

Star Primary - www.star.newham.sch.uk

St Michael’s Catholic Primary - www.st-michaels.newham.sch.uk

St Stephens Primary - www.st-stephens-primary.org.uk

St Winefride’s Catholic Primary - www.st-winefrides.newham.sch.uk

Further updates can be found by visiting individual school websites.

Most secondary schools have updated their websites to state they will be open today.