Former Newham College student invited to Buckingham Palace fashion event

Laura Gromova, centre, on stage with some of her models Picture: Newham College

Laura Gromova, centre, on stage with some of her models Picture: Newham College - Credit: Newham College

A former Newham College student will be heading to Buckingham Palace after being recognised for her work in the fashion industry.

Laura Gromova has been invited to a Commonwealth fashion event in February that will showcase and celebrate contributions to the Commonwealth fashion exchange.

She explained: “I am very happy to be going to Buckingham Palace to celebrate the fashion industry that I’m involved in.”

It comes after Laura’s work featured as part of Deaf International Fashion Week in Paris, a global event which is open to deaf models and designers with the skills to showcase their abilities at an international level.

She said: “It happened very suddenly as I only found out about the opportunity in August and that was the same month as the deadline for meeting the requirements to take part.

“I didn’t feel ready but I had the coat I’d made at college, together with a few other pieces, so that’s what I chose to show.”

Laura, who won the title of Newham College Student of the Year in 2016, was joined by designers from 15 different countries.

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She said: “It was an exciting experience. The designers had to pick their own models and it was brilliant to see all the pieces.

“There were some beautiful designs and some of them were even available to buy. It really built up my confidence and I’m planning to go again next year.”

Since completeing her course, Laura has a part-time job in Savile Row and also works for herself, making clothes.

Anita Morley, the sensory support coordinator at Newham College, said of Laura’s achievements: “Laura started college in 2013 and did an ESOL course. She is profoundly deaf and had limited English or British Sign Language skills.

“Working in partnership with the Sensory and Curriculum Teams she developed both skills to an excellent level.

“In 2015 she started the bespoke tailoring course and at the end of the academic year she was nominated by the sensory team for a Newham College award and she won student of the year!”