Forest Gate headteacher says comprehensives can push smart pupils

Paul Halliwell, Headteacher of St Bonaventure's in Forest Gate.

Paul Halliwell, Headteacher of St Bonaventure's in Forest Gate. - Credit: Archant

The Headteacher of a school inspected by Ofsted has hit back at criticism that comprehensives are not pushing smart students.

Paul Halliwell, the head of St Bonaventure’s School, in Boleyn Road, Forest Gate, said his school was the only one inspected in the borough as part of a national series of survey inspections on non-selective state schools.

Today, chief schools inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw said the results found that 40 per cent of them were not stretching their brightest pupils meaning too many children from poorer backgrounds were underachieving.

St Bonaventure’s was visited by HMI Inspector Robin Hammerton on March 20 but Mr Halliwell is adamant the harsh comments do not apply to his school, saying the inspector gave “extremely favourable feedback”.

Mr Halliwell added; “Our most able students know that at St Bonaventure’s we will encourage, develop, and nurture their talents and push their abilities so they can be the very best they can be.

“We help them fulfil their potential and provide them with the same opportunities as those students from more affluent families in more affluent areas.

“They are no different.”