Forest Gate graduate set to lead the way after Oxford course

A Forest Gate graduate is to go on a further course of study to benefit youngsters in his community.

Raja Ali, 23, has been accepted on the University of Oxford’s Young Muslim Leadership Programme.

He has been working in the City after his economics degree at Brunel University and will join other young people who have shown leadership skills at an early age.

Raja admitted he came across the opportunity via an internet search before emerging successfully from a stringent application process.

He said: “There are so many young people here without role models who look like them.”

The programme will consist of workshops, seminars and institutional visits. Politicians will make presentations with senior civil servants, academics, and community leaders.

Raja added: “In our community, you wouldn’t say there is a huge presence of Muslims that are in strong leadership positions.

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“We are right next to the Olympic site so I think we need to take this opportunity to try and make a difference.”