Forest Gate boys work in the NHS for a week

Robertson Morias and Jimmy Tumwine practice their new skills on school Welfare Officer, Pauline Hayw

Robertson Morias and Jimmy Tumwine practice their new skills on school Welfare Officer, Pauline Hayward - Credit: Archant

Work experience in a hospital proved to be just what the doctor ordered for two Year 10 school students.

Robertson Morais and Jimmy Tumwine, currently studying at Forest Gate Community School, in Forest Lane, relished the opportunity to work for the NHS for a week.

The pair helped to care for patients at Newham University Hospital in Glen Road, Plaistow, by catering for their needs on wards - accompanied by trained nurses - and even getting some experience on reception.

Jimmy worked on the busy maternity unit and particularly enjoyed working with the public.

He said: “Yes, I was a doctor for a week! I helped with admin work, appointments, filling documentation and completing patients’ records, which is pretty confidential stuff.

“Dealing with the public was really enjoyable as I assisted people from different backgrounds with different needs.”

The diverse nature of the borough’s patients also proved to be a challenge for Robertson, who worked at the West Wing, for whom English isn’t his first language.

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He said: “But I felt very confident talking to people with different accents and different backgrounds.

“I even used my mother tongue, Portuguese, to communicate with people who did not speak English.

“I enjoyed working at the reception the most, helping the public to make appointments and sending them to the right doctor.”

Both of them were so useful during their time at the hospital that they have been invited back in the summer holidays by their managers.

The boys have also been inspired to think about getting into the medical profession themselves.

Simon Elliott, headteacher, said: “The FGCS work experience offer is really exciting and is important for our students, it helps raise aspirations and it opens our students’ eyes to the many opportunities open to them.”