Elite schools will help teach at Newham college

Top independent schools are unighting to open a new sixth form college in Newham in a bid to send more of the borough’s children to Oxbridge.

Some of England’s most elite independent schools are unighting to open a new sixth form college in Newham.

The Government backed plans for prestigious Brighton College - where pupils pay fees of upto �24,000 a year to attend - to work with Kingsford Community School, in Kingsford Way, to establish The London Academy of Excellence (LAE).

The academy aims to open in September 2012, at a yet to be chosen site in Newham, with 150 places, rising to 400 places by the third year.

Another 10 world renowned schools will sponsor the teaching of A-level subjects.

The LAE will be selective, with students drawn from across London and half from Newham. Only pupils who score at least five A grades at GCSE will meet entry requirements. But the academy will take account of students coming from deprived areas.

Brighton College’s Simon Smith, who is coordinating the project, said: “Our ambition is to raise ambition. The trouble with many young people in Newham is aspirations are very low. I think there’s a culture that dictates that the top universities are not for the likes of us. I think that’s sometimes instilled in them by their families, and sometimes, sadly, by their teachers. The aim of this place is to make the able believe in themselves.”

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The academy will provide post-16 scholarships to a group of Kingsford students every year.

Eton College will be responsible for teaching English and Highgate School for Mathematics at the new academy.

The City of London Boys School will be seconding one of their physical education staff to the LAE to take charge of all of the sporting provision.

The academy is one of 55 new free schools given approval by the Government.