GCSE results: Eastlea Community School headteacher praises ‘stunning results’

Eastlea Community School pupils collect their GCSE results. Picture: Arthur Comms

Eastlea Community School pupils collect their GCSE results. Picture: Arthur Comms - Credit: Arthur Comms

Eastlea Community School is celebrating after a tenth of pupils picked up a clean sweep of top grades.

Among those to pick up a haul of 9-7s - the equivalent of an A* or A - was Sabrina Hossain, who overcame sleepless nights and helping her mum care for her baby sister to achieve superb results on GCSE results day.

She said: "I'm very, very happy with my results and pleased all my hard work paid off.

"I didn't expect to do this well as during my GCSEs, my friends and I were all panicking - even though we were revising - because exams give you a lot of pressure.

"All the teachers here are just so amazing! They prepared study clubs for us even though we never asked for them.

"They were all so helpful with intervention classes, working Saturdays, and practicing exam skills by doing test papers after school under exam conditions - that way I didn't stress too much when I did the real thing.

Fellow student Muna Mohamed credits using every last second available to knuckle down and revise hard for her excellent GCSE results.

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Muna said: "When I saw my results I wanted to cry. I've been stressing over this so much and so much work has gone in over the two years.

"I passed things I never thought I'd pass in a million years, so I was shocked and I can't believe it but it's amazing."

Headteacher Stephen Gillatt said: "We are extremely proud of all of our students today. So many of them have recorded absolutely stunning results.

"The achievement is a testament to the hard work of the students and the staff who have put in the extra hours to make sure they are prepared."