Dress designer to stars goes back to school in Stratford

With decades of experience in costume designing for top Hollywood films, going back to a life of study hardly seems ideal.

But that is the path chosen by Beryl Murray, a retired former costume designer and a current student at the Rosetta Arts Centre in Hamilton Road, Stratford.

After attending all courses at centre, entering the newly-introduced Certificate of Higher Education in Understanding Visual Arts and Media was the next natural step.

It comes decades after the talented designer made outfits worn by the likes of Cliff Richard, Princess Margaret, and Ursula Andress.

Mrs Murray said: “I got into dressmaking when it was advertised during the 60s, back when local newspapers had a whole page of adverts.

“Although many people did it, it was still unusual at the time.”

The course came about after the centre entered into a partnership with Birkbeck, University of London.

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“I’m a bit nervous to see if I can manage to do it,” she added. “I will see how it goes and then just take it as it comes.”