Creative Plaistow children in after school Big Draw

You can chalk it up to mid-term high spirits, but these Plaistow pupils really know how to sketch!

Grange Primary School in Suffolk Road invited children and their families to spend some time together decorating their playground with chalk patterns as part of a national campaign to inspire people to pick up a pencil and discover the delights of drawing.

The Big Draw, which has been sparking events all over the UK throughout October, ends on Tuesday so there is still time to follow Grange Primary’s example and get doodling.

Around 40 families stayed behind after school on Wednesday drawing around their hands and stencils while others branched out with a bit of freehand chalking of their own patterns and designs.

Catherine Apps, who helped to organise the Big Draw event at Grange Primary, said there was moments of laughter but also moments of great concentration as families joined together to create something eye-catching on the playground floor.

Catherine said: “I have known about the Big Draw for some time and I have always wanted the school to get involved.

“I think drawing is a great thing to do, and it’s such a pity that people stop when they grow up, because they think ‘I can’t do it’.

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“That’s why I wanted to start with something simple, like making chalk marks on the playground so that everyone could relax and join in.”

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival throughout October all over the UK.

Find out how you can organise an event for the Big Draw by visiting