Comedians introduce new writing method to Forest Gate students

From left, co-founders Gavin Jackson and Stanley Jackson, headteacher Paul Halliwell, student Rodolp

From left, co-founders Gavin Jackson and Stanley Jackson, headteacher Paul Halliwell, student Rodolpho Abedejos, and comedians Miles Jupp, Dominic Holland and Rory Bremner Picture: Gill Shaw - Credit: Archant

Year 10 students were given a rib tickling treat when three comedians came to their school to promote a new method of learning.

Miles Jupp, Rory Bremner and Dominic Holland dropped in on St Bonaventure’s School, in Boleyn Road, Forest Gate, to introduce the new Decamot writing method to students.

The Decamot method aims to unlock creativity, teach the importance of the three C’s – competition, creativity and collaboration.

Students from St Bons took part in the pilot scheme and had to produce individual ideas for stories that they bring together to create a drama story.

Headteacher Paul Halliwell said he was impressed with the new teaching method and believes it is a good way to boost students’ self-esteem.

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“I wasn’t certain what the uptake would be but we ended up with a large group of Year 10 boys that were keen to get started.

“The experience that I’ve seen is it’s enabled them to gain greater confidence in their literacy skills.

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“All of our students were able to produce a story of some description,” said Paul.

Rodolpho Abedejos, a Year 10 student, said the method helped him to focus the various ideas he has into a clear story.

“Once my imagination starts going it can take me to a lot of places. It helped me pick what path to choose.”

Stanley Jackson, co-creator of Decamot, said that their method can help youngsters be creative, literate and numerate.

“We look forward to working with many more schools to help them to realise these ambitions for their own students through the use of subject experts,” he said.

To learn more information about the Decamot method visit

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