Canning Town students turn teachers to promote toy equality

Ansa Edem and Muslima Miah deliver their session to primary school pupils

Ansa Edem and Muslima Miah deliver their session to primary school pupils - Credit: Nazanin Shirani

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ll have noticed a marked difference in the type of toys that stores and adverts label for girls and boys

Two GCSE students decided enough was enough and set about changing children’s perceptions as part of their citizenship course.

Eastlea Community School students Muslima Miah and Ansa Edem prepared a workshop for pupils at Selwyn and Gainsborough primary schools to encourage the belief that toys should be for all, rather than be limited by gender.

During the sessions, the Year 2 and 3 pupils created their own toys and demonstrated they understood the concept well.

Ansa, a Year 11 student at the Pretoria Road, Canning Town school, said: “It was a great chance to show the younger children that what the TV or shops show them isn’t true and that they need to understand that toys are for everyone.

“Gender equality should be everywhere and I hope that we have encouraged these children to look at adverts and toys in a different way.”

Year 3 teacher at Selwyn Primary School, Carol Hunswick, added: “The children were really engaged and took the issues seriously.”

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