Canning Town students design t-shirts for LGBT month

Students in Canning Town designed their own t-shirts to celebrate their differences for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transsexual (LGBT) month.

Young people at Rokeby School got the annual event off to a colourful start by creating and wearing t-shirts bearing eight different messages on the front including “Some people at Rokeby are...White/Black/Asian/Shy/Short/Less Fortunate/Gay/Different”.

The message “Get Over It!” was on the back of the t-shirts with the school badge.

Year 11 student Brian Kennedy said: “I think it is really good that we can celebrate LBGT month in this way and send an important message out about discrimination and diversity.”

Teachers will also be holding special lessons to help students understand LGBT issues and give them the opportunity to talk about them openly.