Homophobic and misogynistic books found in library at Islamic primary school

Zakariya Primary School is located in Forest Gate Mosque. Picture: Google.

Zakariya Primary School is located in Forest Gate Mosque. Picture: Google. - Credit: Google

Ofsted has found homophobic and misogynistic books at a Forest Gate primary school.

Zakariya Primary School on Romford Road has been rated ‘inadequate’ a second time by the inspectors after a visit in February.

In their report, inspectors say leaders at the school have not ‘taken effective steps to protect pupils from extreme views’.

One book the inspectors found said: ‘Many so-called wise people are committing it, but sodomy is such an awful thing that even animals abhor it except the pigs.’

Another said: ‘A wife must not deny herself to her husband… Moreover, the wife is not permitted to do anything that may render her companionship less desirable or less gratifying. If she does any such thing or neglects herself, the husband has the right to interfere with her freedom and to rectify the situation.’

While leaders at the school said the pupils do not use the library, the children told Ofsted that they do on a regular basis.

The management also said that these views are unacceptable and did not know the books were in the library.

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Asif Choudhury, proprietor at the school, said safety and equality are ‘fundamentally important’ issues at the school.

“The issues raised from the recent Ofsted visit do not sit comfortably with the ethos of our school.

“Unfortunately a number of things were misconstrued during the inspection and as a result these very unpleasant issues were raised.

“We have however discussed, at length, with the inspectors that we do not associate or condone any extreme behaviour and that we promote respect towards all people, in line with the Equality Act 2010.”

He added that the school is taking steps to address the issues in the report.

A Department for Education spokesperson said it takes ‘robust action’ if a school doesn’t meet standards.

They added that Zakariya Primary School must improve or it could face closure.

The school’s social media pages were also criticised in the report, which was published March 26.

Inspectors said an unnamed event was shared by one of the school’s social media pages that encouraged disrespect for other people and breached equality law.

Zakariya Primary’s Facebook page is currently down.

The school was last inspected mid-2017, which found the school’s safeguarding to be ineffective. It’s an issue that’s remained and was brought up in this, most recent report.

There are currently 91 pupils at the Islamic school, which was established in 2003. Because it is an independent school the council has no control over it.

Fees cost £2,600 a year.

To read the full Ofsted report click here.