Beckton pupils learn new way of painting- using their mouths

Children at Gallions Primary School discovered just how hard it can be painting while holding the br

Children at Gallions Primary School discovered just how hard it can be painting while holding the brush with their mouth - Credit: Archant

Children at a primary school learnt how to paint by holding the brush in their mouths during a visit from an inspirational artist.

About 90 children from Gallions Primary School in Beckton enjoyed a visit from Mouth and Foot Painting Artist, MFPA, Andy Baker as part of their lessons about the senses.

Andy, who lost one arm and suffered complete paralysis in the other after a motorbike accident in 1983, paints by holding a paintbrush in his mouth and is a student artist of the MFPA.

The children have been learning about the five senses and what happens when one disappears. As part of their lessons they explored what happens when you don’t have a sense of ‘touch’ with your hands and looked at how people can actively pursue their passion without all their senses, like the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.

Andy spent time with the children talking about how he has adapted his life now he has lost his sense of touch and how art has inspired him.

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Artists with the MFPA are people who have lost the use of their hands through accident or illness, or have been born with a disability, such as children affected by the Thalidomide drug. They paint using their mouths or feet.

Formed in 1957, the Mouth and Foot Painting partnership is a self help organisation of seriously disabled artists who take pride in earning their living by painting with a paint brush held in their mouth or between their toes.

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