BAFTA-award winning filmmakers returns to UEL

University of East London dance students will be shown how to throw shapes in front of the camera by an award-winning filmmaker.

Terry Braun will be joining Adrienne Hart, of Neon Dance, for a second time, to teach a ‘Dance for the Camera’ module this year.

He is a producer with more than 20 years of experience directing and producing for television.

Mr Braun said: “I have directed dance films with some of the stars of ballet, contemporary choreography and Indian dance.

“Working with UEL Urban Dance students has opened up a new and exciting world of talent to me.

“My challenge will be to encourage the thoughts and processes that generate really great dance films.”

The fruits of the students’ labours will be presented on December 4 at a Stratford Circus.

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Senior lecturer Dr Jyoti Argade added: “Our students are lucky to draw from Terry’s wealth of experience in dance, film and new media.”