Autistic boy, 12, forced to resit Year 6 due to Newham Council admin error

Ashton Hussain, pictured with mum Marie Thomas, has been left without a secondary school place after

Ashton Hussain, pictured with mum Marie Thomas, has been left without a secondary school place after an administration mix-up - Credit: Marie Thomas

A Beckton schoolboy has been forced to resit Year 6 and is in limbo without a secondary school place because a Newham Council admin error means he has not been found a place at a secondary school.

When Ashton Hussain was enrolled for a secondary school place last year, a council employee’s mistake meant teachers were not told he was disabled, meaning a suitable place wasn’t found for him.

Ashton has special educational needs and has ADHD and severe autism.

In September, when the Recorder first raised Ashton’s plight, the council apologised to his mother, Marie Thomas, for the mistake and promised to “work closely” with her “to find a solution as soon as possible”.

However with the end of the academic year looming Ashton is still attending the school he should have left last summer, Tollgate Primary School, so that he is receiving some form of education.

And Marie says she has received no guarantee from the council that her son will have a place for next year.

She has also had to repeatedly ring up the council throughout the academic year to find out whether a place had been found for her son, but to no avail.

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Marie said: “Every time I ring up they tell me the same thing — they have got this meeting and that meeting, but nothing gets done.

“We are going to be left in limbo all through the summer.”

Marie, a single mother-of-four, has praised Ashton’s primary school for helping her by offering Ashton somewhere to go during the day.

However Marie says she worries that the lack of education is effecting her son’s development

Ashton requires constant care and cannot be left alone.

A council spokeswoman pointed out that Tollgate Primary School have been able to meet Ashton’s needs and he has not missed any school.

She added: “The council continues to work hard to find a suitable secondary placement for Ashton from September. We hope to find an appropriate placement soon after the half term holiday.

“We are in touch with the family on a regular basis to keep them informed of the situation.”