Ancient settlement discovered at Manor Park school

Workers on the ancient settlement

Workers on the ancient settlement - Credit: Archant

Builders discovered remains of an ancient settlement while digging up a playground at Little Ilford Secondary School.

Ancient settlement found at Little Ilford

Ancient settlement found at Little Ilford - Credit: Archant

The school, in Browning Road, Manor Park, is currently undergoing major work to make space for a brand new building.

Archaeologists located a moat which led to the discovery of where an ancient house from the Romany British period would have stood.

Other remains discovered last month included a piece of pottery and a weight.

Deputy headteacher, Rav Bansal, said: “It was fantastic especially for our school.

“The findings enabled learning to come alive as in that short space of time the students were able to learn and understand the importance of maths, science, history and geography, and this is all from what was found.

“This is what Little Ilford is all about. We’re a learning community.”

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After the remains were found, archaeologist, Les Cappon, held a talk and explained the background of the findings to students and members of staff.

He said: “The students were really enwrapped during the talk and members of staff also had the opportunity to tour the site.

“Everyone was really impressed by it because it gave a real sense of the past.

“When it was first found we were all really shocked but it was great for everyone at the school.”

Mr Cappon added that while it was not unusual to find ancient remains, the 2,000 year old site was the oldest he had heard of in the Manor Park area.

He said: “There is a Saxon church nearby and that was the oldest.

“It was a great finding.

“The remains found at the school show that there must have been a farm as well as a single family roundhouse where all the members would have slept in one room.”