11 year old Gallions Reach Primary School computer wiz builds PC

Joshua looking happy next to his fully assembled PC

Joshua looking happy next to his fully assembled PC - Credit: Archant

An 11 year old Primary School whiz kid from Newham has followed in the footsteps of his hero Bill Gates by assembling his own high tech computer from scratch.

2 year old joshua already an expert with a keyboard

2 year old joshua already an expert with a keyboard - Credit: Archant

Joshua Ngoka, a pupil at Gallions Reach Primary School, in Warwall, Newham, became interested in computers when he was 2 years old and was encouraged by his dad to build his own PC.

“I wanted a new high spec PC to code so my Dad said I could have it, if I built it,” said Joshua, who saved up money given to him by his Godmother and Dad, Nelson, who Joshua credits as one of his inspirations.

The young computer wizard explained that he had to conduct a lot of research on how to build the PC but still managed to complete it in just three days.

“The hardest part was wiring everything up because if I didn’t do it correctly some of the stuff wouldn’t work,” he explained. “For example, I wired the power light incorrectly and nothing showed up in the case light, so I had to go back into the case and rewire it.”

His Mother Sandra said she was proud of Joshua’s ‘well deserved achievement’ and revealed that Joshua was capable of building a computer 2 years ago but they couldn’t obtain the parts.

“He could have built it two years ago but we could not buy all the parts. When he bought the parts it was built in less than one week,” she said.

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Joshua’s accomplishment was so impressive that his school friends didn’t believe him and Sandra hopes her son’s story can motivate other children.

Sandra, founder of Lifteffects.org, which hosts the Star Awards for people who’ve made sacrifices for others, said “I believe his story will inspire other young people. I want him to be encouraged and inspired to do more.”

“Since he built his computer I see a different boy who suddenly believes he can do all things,” she added.

Joshua, who wants to be a game developer, has a YouTube channel called ThePackLeaderWolfe and will be attending East London Science School in September.