East Ham park transforms for Under the Stars eastern beats night

Kasey Newton (left) and Melissa Uge

Kasey Newton (left) and Melissa Uge - Credit: Archant

Central Park was an oasis of sound and colour as a corner of Newham was filled with Asian beats for the second night of Under the Stars.

Although there was a slow start to the evening, by 8pm it was clear that the promise of Asian beats had pulled many out of their homes to High Street South. More than 6,500 thousand people packed the park for a night of entertainment that included a mix of bhangra, hip hop and fusion.

Gaana Rajas had children huddling close to the stage as they performed an energetic dance routine. Juggy D got people dancing and even introduced his young daughter to the audience.

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales, who mingled with the crowds, also made an appearance on the stage to make sure everyone was having a good time.

Kiss FM presenter DJ Neev introduced the acts and kept up a running commentary during an evening that also included DCS, Ali Abbas and Juggling Inferno and Taz Stereo Nation.

Melissa Uge, 19 from Forest Gate and Kasey Newton, 18, from Manor Park were among the audience. Melissa said: “I have been coming here since I was nine-years-old and its always good. Its nice, getting to know other cultures.”

Kasey said it was her first time at the music festival but was looking forward to it.

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Stephanie Terence, 20, and Maria Hiacandy, 20, both from East Ham, have both been to the festival when they were younger. Maria said: “I live quite close and can hear it from my garden but I thought I would come here today because there isn’t much that happens in Newham.

“I think it attracts different people to come here and its a good experience to have that.”