East Ham MP Stephen Timms becomes a teacher for the day

East Ham MP Stephen Timms swapped the House of Commons for the classroom when he became a teacher for the day at a Manor Park secondary school.

Mr Timms, who is also the Shadow Minister for Employment, taught a group of Year 11 pupils at Little Ilford School on Friday to inspire them to raise their ambitions.

Accompanied by the Teach First’s Regional Director for Teach First London Tom Rose, Mr Timm’s lesson formed one part of an entire morning spent at the school.

Before lesson, he met students to talk about the importance of aiming high in education and beyond and, after the lesson, he took part in a thirty minute talk with the pupils about their future prospects.

The job swap was in aid of Teach First Week, which ran from March 12 to 16, as part of the charity’s annual effort to inspire students from poorer communities.

Mr Timms, who was a key player in setting up Teach First in 2002, was in the company of sailing hero Dame Ellen MacArthur who taught at Kingsford Community School in Beckton.

Teach First founder and CEO Brett Wigdortz said: “It acknowledges the urgent need for us all, regardless of our day job, to play a part in eradicating educational disadvantage, and ensuring that generation of young people from low-socio economic backgrounds have the same, chances in life as their wealthier peers.

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“We hope that the outstanding commitment these guest teachers have shown continues beyond the week, and they go on inspiring young people to bellieve that no profession is beyond their grasp.”