East Ham Cleves School teacher plans Mongolia charity trek

It is not often that people spend their holiday time raising money for their places of work.

But that is exactly what East Ham primary school teacher James Massey, plans to do this summer.

James, who teaches year 5 pupils at Cleves School in Arragon Road, is aiming to travel from London to Central Mongolia in just a car.

Money raised through sponsorship will go to the Friends of Cleves, with a small amount donated to a prostate cancer charity.

James, who lives in Stratford, said the journey will take him up to five weeks all being well.

“It’s always been a bit of an ambition of mine,” he said.

“It is going to be adventure but it’s going to be a challenge. It’s not like I’m going to be sitting on a beach somewhere on holiday.”

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James has three different routes in mind, and will come to a firm decision depending on whether he can secure enough money to foot the �1,000 cost of a car and supplies to last him the entire journey.

The trek will consist of travelling through nine countries including Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Uzbekistan and Russia.

James also plans to take back some of his experiences to his pupils.

He added: “[My plans] have had quite a good response so far. I’m originally from Derbyshire so my life revolved around mountain biking and hillsides.

“I’m working in a very diverse area and this is even more so.”

To sponsor James, contact 07723012572.