East Ham charity organises sailing trip for refugees

The sailing trip was designed to teach teamwork

The sailing trip was designed to teach teamwork - Credit: Marian Spiers

A group of refugees were able to sail nearly 300 miles thanks to an East Ham charity.

Staff from the Dost Centre, based in East Avenue, took 14 teenagers on the voyage from Weymouth to Gloucester.

The trip’s aim was for the group, who hail from six different countries, to work together as a team over a long period and develop a variety of skills.

After initially facing strong winds and a rough sea in Dartmouth, the group were able to sail on and reach their destination on time – and were even accompanied by a school of dolphins on part of the week-long journey.

Marian Spiers, a youth work programme manager, said: “Some of the young people went outside London for the first time - many of them have not been in the UK very long, so this was an interesting experience for them to see more rural life and the coast of Britain.

“Even though some of the young people really found the trip challenging, for example, no shower for 7 days, I think they felt a sense of achievement after having completed it and since returning, many of them have spoken about it positively.”

The trip was funded through the Jack Petchey Foundation’s 15th anniversary grants.