East Ham actress opens her home for theatre performance

Rosie Akerman and Catriona Giles

Rosie Akerman and Catriona Giles - Credit: Theatre Royal Stratford East

An actress transformed her living room space into a mini stage for an exciting theatrical performance.

Catriona Giles performs as part of Home Theatre project

Catriona Giles performs as part of Home Theatre project - Credit: Theatre Royal Stratford East

Rosie Akerman, of Leigh Road, East Ham, applied to take part in Theatre Royal Stratford East’s Home Theatre (UK) project after reading a recent article about the initiative.

The 25-year-old said that although she did not perform the 20-minute piece herself, she enjoyed taking part and would consider applying again.

“It is such a great and intense project. After I found out I was successful, the actress Catriona Giles, who performed the piece came to visit me,” she said.

“The idea of the project was to create a piece inspired by the person hosting the event, so Catriona drew on the fact that I was a performer myself and even though she only had five days to create a piece, she did a great job.”

As part of the project, Rosie was able to invite guests to her home for the performance.

She said: “I invited about nine of my family members and friends. This included people who wouldn’t necessarily go to the theatre unless I was performing so it was a really good way to get them to connect, especially because it was such a small space to perform in.

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“Everyone really enjoyed it and it even sparked a discussion afterwards about how it could be turned into a bigger piece because it was so powerful. It was about images and how people can find it hard to be themselves in front of others.”

Altogether, 30 performances took place on Saturday throughout the capital as part of the project which aims to bring artists to people’s homes for a bespoke performance experience.

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