Donald Trump satire written by Upton Park author

PUBLISHED: 11:00 18 October 2017 | UPDATED: 11:17 18 October 2017

David Hutter's book is about how US president Donald Trump would respond to world crises from the past. Picture: Ellie Hoskins

David Hutter's book is about how US president Donald Trump would respond to world crises from the past. Picture: Ellie Hoskins

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An Upton Park author has penned a novella satirising how US President Donald Trump might have tackled real crises from history.

FAKE NEWS: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump is the brainchild of 38-year-old David Hutter from Newham.

The German-born writer covers lesser-known events such as when the US military lost a hydogen bomb at the height of the Cold War and the so-called Lobster War between France and Brazil - a bizarre dispute over whether spiny lobster were fish or not.

“Is is a satire, and it is meant to be entertaining and funny,” said David, although he admits he doesn’t personally believe Mr Trump is fit to be president.

A writer and editor for 10 years, David came up with his enterprising idea after he read up on the Opium Wars following a trip to China with his wife.

The 19th-century conflict involved Anglo-Chinese disputes over Britain’s attempt to legalise opium trade in China.

“That was my starting point and because Donald Trump is in the news a lot and obviously is behaving in an erratic way, I thought it would be quite funny to have him act in a way a lot of people in the past would have based on historic events, but also which was quite funny and ludicrous,” said David.

David says his book is structured with a plot focused on Mr Trump’s “bizarre plans” to take down North Korea and his relationship with world leaders including British prime minister Theresa May.

However, each chapter focuses on one or more key moments from history with an explanation of what really happened at the end.

David had been writing another novel initially but switched to completing his novella as “the Trump situation is so fluid”.

He said: “You never know who is going to get fired. You do not even know if Trump might be president tomorrow.”

He says he researched the events from the internet but corroborated the details through library sources, which are named.

The novella can be purchased on Kindle for £3.80 or paperback (from tomorrow) at £5.70 from Amazon.

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