Dog bites through mans lip in horror attack

AN EAST HAM man says he will be scarred for life after a dog savaged him, biting through his lip.

Thampi Rajah, 32, is facing several operations to repair the damage to following the mauling in Byron Avenue, Manor Park.

He told the Recorder he was walking near his flat in High Street North when the Alsatian’s owner, who was holding the animal by its collar, called him over.

Mr Rajah said: “We weren’t really close to the dog but suddenly it jumped on me. I shouted at the owner to hold him back and tried to grab the dog.


“I was so shocked. I felt like I was gone. It was going to kill me. I thought ‘if my face is gone, my life is gone’.

“I was in so much pain. When I look in a mirror, I get scared. I just want my face to be back to normal.

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“I have seen that dog right on my face.”

Mr Rajah was taken to Newham General Hospital and transferred to Barts Hospital.

Plastic surgeons plan to carry out the first operation in three months time once the swelling has gone down but he will be left with a scar on his face.

Mr Rajah added that he can no longer even see a dog without recalling the attack.

A police spokeswoman said that enquiries were continuing into the attack, at around 4pm on October 16, and have called for anyone with information on the incident to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.