DIY celebrity Tommy Walsh brick-laying at Beckton hospice

Fancy having a personalised brick on a path at a hospice? If the answer is yes, then head down to the Richard House Children’s Hospice website.

The hospice, which was set up in 2000 in Beckton, Newham is asking people to donate money towards bricks and pavers to lay in its Path of Life.

These bricks and pavers will then be inscribed with messages of support and placed in the path which is being built near the hospice’s Memory Garden.

So far, 20 have been donated, bringing in �12,200 for the hospice,.

Celebrity DIY star and hospice patron Tommy Walsh was among the first to back the project. He said: “I am delighted to be involved in this project and laying the first of what I hope will be many personalised bricks on the path.

“I have been inspired by so many of the stories that have come from the children at Richard House Children’s Hospice and I am happy to leave a permanent message of support in this way.”

Karen Duncan, trusts and statutory fundraiser for Richard House, said: “The idea is simple: Pick a brick from the list of options on our website, choose a message to inscribe in it and then see it laid later in the year.

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“The only rule is the message must be positive. They can be birthday messages or marriage proposals – in fact, the more creative, the better.”

Bricks and pavers for the Path of Life are currently on sale from the hospice. Suggested minimum donations range from �50 to �5,000 depending on the size of brick and inscription.

Donations go towards the one-to-one care given to the babies, children and young adults that use services at Richard House.