Diving champion Tom Daley says British Diving is the strongest it’s ever been


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The build-up to the Rio Olympic Games is going pretty well. It has got a lot of competitions leading up to it and the World Championships will be our first chance to qualify for Great Britain.

The FINA Diving World Series, on May 1-3 at the London Aquatics Centre, is one of the key parts of the diving calendar because it’s the middle part of the World Series.

So it’s a really good marker to see how everything is piecing together and it’s exactly the half-way mark, competition wise, so I’m really looking forward to it. It’s also fantastic to compete in London and perform in front of a home crowd at what is a fantastic venue at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park –it’s a world class facility.

Back to diving; there was a sense of relief when we decided to bin the old dive. It’s a weight off my shoulders that I’ve moved on because it was a bad dive for me.

We’ve only got one twist in this new dive so we had to decide whether we were going to do it at the beginning or at the end because you can do that dive three different ways.

We tried doing it at the beginning but it made the dive really hard because the G-force getting into your pike shape is really difficult. We go through 20 Gs of force as we’re spinning around so at the end we decided to do it on the way out. So you spin as fast as you can and then you come out at the end, do one twist then land in the water.

I have never loved diving as much as I do now and I want to stay in diving for as long as I possibly can. With the move to London it has become exciting again.

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British diving is the strongest it’s ever been and we are all really excited about coming back to London and competing in our own pool.

We know in London that we always get a crowd that’s loud. It’s normally a sell-out and the atmosphere is always amazing, it gives you that extra adrenaline rush and, in theory, it should get us to dive a little bit better.