Disabled Plaistow resident’s four year wait for kerb

Disabled Plaistow resident Joseph Glover claims he has been waiting for Newham Council to drop his uneven kerb for four years - but now he has fresh hope after contacting the Recorder.

Joseph, 73, was left unable to walk without a frame after suffering two strokes and he has fallen twice just trying to get out of his own house.

He says that the direct route is blocked by wheelie bins, which he is unable to move easily because of his condition, and his frame makes getting past the uneven kerb difficult without asking for assistance.

Joseph, from Selby Road, said: “I’ve been calling and calling and they’ve put me through to the Council Tax department instead on more than one occasion.

“It can get very expensive for me as I only have a mobile phone and it’s costing me money to keep ringing.

“They kept saying to me, ‘someone will be round in three to five days’ but I’d wait and no one would turn up.”

But thanks to the Recorder, the council, who say they have no record of Joseph’s calls, have put him in touch with his local councillor to see if they can come to a resolution.

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A Newham Council spokesman said: “The Council first learned of Mr Glover’s request when contacted by the Recorder. “Dropped kerbs are installed for a number of reasons and there is a formal application that Mr Glover can fill in for the Council to formally consider.

“Each application is considered on its merits. We thank Mr Glover for bringing his concerns about the highway to our attention and our highways maintenance officers will inspect the area to establish if any work needs doing.

“As a disabled resident, Mr Glover may wish to consider applying for a disabled parking bay at his property.

“Mr Glover has been put in touch with his local councillor who will work with him and the council to identify the best way forwards.”