Debbie keeps veggies appy

Home-grown recipes on internet

AN IDEA that began with a hobby of making quick vegetarian dishes for less than �5 is now growing into a business with their availability as apps for the iPhone.

Committed vegetarian Debbie Callender, 42, gave up meat 22 years ago after seeing a documentary on how meat is processed. Her partner and her 11-year-old son are also vegetarians.

Earlier this year, she joined forces with Strip Studios, an innovative music and video production company based in East Ham to film and produce a series of vegetarian delights for the iPhone.

She told the Recorder: “The people of East London deserve good food and there is a lack of healthy alternatives presented to us everyday. I was approached by Strip Studios because they believed in my healthy eating message and we decided to join forces to produce my blog and iPhone apps. It is the start of an exciting collaboration and we are already working on filming the next iPhone app.”

Debbie, who lives in Humberstone Road, Plaistow works full time as a PA at a local authority so only has the weekends to work on pursuing her passion for cooking.

She is hoping that creating veggie recipes for the iPhone will lead her on to bigger and better things as she has a whole host of additional business ideas.