Dazzling Light Night returns to Canning Town

The parade at last year's Light Night

The parade at last year's Light Night - Credit: Archant

Art gets interactive as the immersive Light Night returns to illuminate Canning Town.

The Golden Labyrinth was one of the attractions at last year's event

The Golden Labyrinth was one of the attractions at last year's event - Credit: Archant

Spectacular neon lights and glowing installations will transform a multitude of sites including the Caravanserai and Canning Town station on Saturday, November 29.

A fire and stars theme dominates this year’s festival of light, with a particular focus on the ancient art of storytelling.

Organised by Brick Box, which is used to putting on out-of-the-ordinary events and fresh from a second full summer programme beneath the A12 flyover, it aims to place Newham firmly in the spotlight.

Director Devina Kumar expects it to be even bigger and better than last year’s inaugural event, which she sees as the antidote to more traditional art exhibtiions.

“It is good to see something like this happening in an unusual place as it makes it more unpredicatable and exciting, being in a different setting,” she said.

Pieces to look out for – and become a part of – include Calling the Cosmos.

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Two artists dressed in huge alien costumes will invite members of the public into their realm, one by one.

Once inside, they will pick up a receiver to chat to the wider world, with what they say transforms into sonic sounds.

“It’s the ideal piece for Canning Town as there are lots of different communities who all speak different languages,” Devina explained.

Elsewhere, light installations by Speirs and Major, dubbed Uncanny Town ,will revamp the shop windows of four businesses in Barking Road, including funeral director T Cribb & Sons.

“Hopefully people who have never been to Canning Town will see it in a positive light, while the local community will feel a sense of pride and a feeling and want to get involved with it,” Devina added.

“It is always good to see families coming along and having a good time taking part in all the interactive events on offer.”

For more information about Light Night, which will take place from 6pm to midnight, visit lightnightcanningtown.co.uk

You can also visit the event’s Facebook page facebook.com/LightNightCanningTown or Twitter page twitter.com/LightNightCT