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OUR flashback to the good old days this time around comes from reader Debra Williams.

She sent us a picture that fits our Days of the Old School Yard slot as it is full of youngsters from more than 100 years ago! There are also a few adults at the opening of a store that really played a major part in communitiy life in Plaistow.

Debra told us: “I have this picture taken in Balaam Street, in Plaistow, around 1905 of the opening of a shop. 

The shopkeeper is Mr Edwin Short and his family. 

One of the little girls is his daughter Elsie. She was born in 1902 and lived all her life in Western Road nearby.

“She was a tiny girl and one of my neighbours.

“Many years later, in the late 80s or early 90s she was visited by royalty because she still lived by gaslight and had no inside toilet.  The house was as it was when she was a child.  She never married and right up until the end, she still missed her mum and dad terribly.  They died in the flu epidemic many many years ago.

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“I hope you like my contribution to your page, I think it is a great photo and a sad story. “ Indeed Debra, many thanks

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