Cute East Ham kittens need loving new homes

A cat rescued by the London East Branch of the RSPCA has given birth to adorable kittens.

A cat rescued by the London East Branch of the RSPCA has given birth to adorable kittens.

Now the branch is looking to provide homes for the mother and babies.

The news comes as Prince, the cat which was saved from death after being the victim of a hit-and-run in East Ham, has been given a new home by a loving family.

Prince, whose story was featured in the Recorder a month ago, is now with caring Recorder readers.

Lorna Gowers, of the RSPCA, said: “Prince has gone to a new home as a result of the article printed in the Recorder.

“A really nice family saw the article and couldn’t resist him.

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“Prince will have a friend as well because this family already have a rescued cat and a rescued rabbit.

“They have a lovely house and garden in Forest Gate.

“Prince has now been renamed Lucky because the family said it was lucky that I saw him when he was run over.

“It’s really heartwarming when I can place an cat like Lucky/Prince with a suitable family.”

Lorna added: “There are thousands of unwanted mums and kittens being born despite our offer of free neutering/sterilisation.

“We are taking in as many as is possible at this time but we can’t take them all, so we need people to come forward to adopt a mother cat or kitten.”

In the latest appeal, the mother cat was picked up by an inspector in Newham.

“The tortoiseshell was pregnant and very stressed. Luckily one of our fosterers agreed to take mum in and she subsequently gave birth. Cats can temporarily delay giving birth, she needed a quiet place to settle

“She is a very good mum, still nervous from her ordeal and very protective of her kittens.

“When her kittens are old enough to leave home she will be looking for a home too.

“People are dumping cats all over the place, some pregnant females and some kittens, they are often sick due to stress. We can’t save them all but we can give free neutering/sterilisation vouchers so this doesn’t have to happen.”

If you want to help concerning adoption, fostering or free neutering/sterilisation vouchers, call 079585 78151 after 7pm.

Lorna added: “Mum cat is working very hard looking after the kittens and eating for England.

“It costs a fortune to feed a mother cat. We have many, many more cats and kittens like these waiting for homes.”

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