Customer spots fowl play with Stratford KFC chicken burger

A picture of the pulled chicken burger Jamie received at KFC

A picture of the pulled chicken burger Jamie received at KFC - Credit: Archant

A chicken lover detected fowl play after visiting a fast-food chain when the meal he ordered looked “pitiful” next to its advert.

Jamie Lewis, 22, complained after nipping to KFC on Stratford Broadway to get the new pulled chicken ultimate burger meal for lunch.

“It looks amazing in the advert so I thought I’d give it a go,” said Jamie.

“But the bun was stale, there was hardly any pulled chicken and the sauce didn’t taste of BBQ.”

The business development consultant plucked up the courage to complain to the fried chicken chain, writing to them on Twitter. He wrote: “I’m going straight to the point here because I feel like I’ve been robbed.”

KFC offered Jamie a complimentary meal voucher and a spokesman for the chain said: “We are sorry he received a meal that was not in line with our usual high standards.”

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