Custom House resident slams council staff parking

A resident living near Newham Council offices says its staff have no respect for the neighbourhood and take too many parking spaces in the area.

Chris Stacey, of Richard House Drive, said people living near the Newham Dockside building in Dockside Road had nowhere to park because of council staff taking spaces.

Mr Stacey said: “Newham Council employees have no respect for the local area and residents. The council should find some other way of providing staff parking [from] Monday to Friday.

“They should encourage staff to use local transport.”

The Custom House resident said proposed temporary road changes for London 2012 would make an already dire situation worse and called for double yellow lines and residents’ only parking restrictions to be adopted in the area until after the Olympics.

A spokesman for Newham Council issued an apology to residents who found it difficult to park in the Building 1000 area but added it had received “very few complaints”.

He said: “It is our policy to encourage staff to travel to work using public transport and the proximity of rail and bus services to Newham Dockside means that it is an attractive option for staff.”

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Parking spaces had been arranged at Gallions Reach shopping centre for council staff driving to work, the spokesman said, with a park-and-ride shuttle ferrying people to and from Building 1000.

He added that staff were also encouraged to cycle into work.

Addressing Mr Stacey’s calls for double yellow lines and parking restrictions, the spokesman said: “There are already yellow lines in Stansfeld Road, which were installed to improve safety for residents and access while minimising any potential negative effects in the borough, and our information shows that there is little appetite for a residents’ parking zone in the area.”