Custom House EastEnders star Danny Dyer returns to Newham for book signing

Danny Dyer will be at Newham Bookshop next Sunday

Danny Dyer will be at Newham Bookshop next Sunday - Credit: Archant

They just don’t make them like Danny Dyer anymore.

Danny Dyer will be at Newham Bookshop next Sunday

Danny Dyer will be at Newham Bookshop next Sunday - Credit: Archant

The EastEnders actor and Custom House hard man is the stereotypical east London geezer – opinionated, no-nonsense and fluent in rhyming slang

A Dyer-hard West Ham FC supporter, fans will have a chance to meet the Football Factory star at Newham Bookshop, in Barking Road, on Sunday, just before the Hammers face West Brom round the corner.

“I’m surprised [Newham Bookshop]’s still there to be honest,” he joked. “They don’t tend to encourage reading in that part of the world.

“I’ll be interested to see what the clientele’s like.”

Danny will be signing copies of his latest book, The World According to Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East End – a personal account of growing up in the borough.

Although now living out in Essex, the 38-year-old remains proud of his roots.

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“I’m very proud to be from Custom House, it’s made me the man I am today,” he said. “I’m a Custom House boy through and through.

“It’s not Chelsea, it is what it is, although most east Londoners have moved out of the area now.”

But apart from the apparent demographic migration, Danny admits there are other changes that do his nut in.

“It’s got more tall buildings and more parking restrictions now,” he added.

“They towed my car the other day. I was visiting my Mum and Dad and must have parked in a new disabled space or something.

“I had to go and get it back from the compound near the Showcase cinema – there were hundreds of cars down there.”

As someone employed to spend all day in a pub, the Queen Vic landlord could be considered somewhat of an expect on drinking culture, and is sad to number of rub-a-dubs closing down

“There used to be three pubs on my street but they’ve all gone now,” he explained. “It’s a real shame because they were the places people met up.

“There’s a pub called the Alex in Barking Road that my old man still drinks at, but unfortunately loads of them have gone.”

Danny will only sign books on the day bought at Newham Bookshop.

To preorder a copy call 020 8552 9993.

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