Custom House business hired for BBC1’s The Apprentice

A Custom House business were told “You’re hired!” by Lord Alan Sugar - to star in an episode of BBC1’s The Apprentice.

London Wholesale, at Thames Road Industrial Estate, is the setting for an episode of the hit reality TV show starring the Amstrad owner, and his close advisors Nick Hewer and Karen Brady.

Company secretary Omar Saeed, who lives with his family in Upton Park, said this was not the first time London’s largest cash and carry had graced the small screen.

Omar, 25, said: “We worked with them before on the last series. One of the contestants was given a choice of places to go to get goods and he chose us but we were only on screen for a few seconds, they were pretty in and out.

“But for the new series, the BBC approached me in October and asked whether they could film a complete episode there so I said “of course”.

“They filmed the opening scene and set out what the task was going to be. The contestants had a choice of products to choose from in the warehouse and they were allowed to pick the one they found the most interesting. Then they had to go and sell them in a market in Essex.”

Working for London Wholesale since its establishment five years ago, Omar said: “I wasn’t paying too much attention to what the individuals were doing to be honest with you. There was a group of about 50 or 60 people in the camera crew. It was a full, busy set.”

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The episode was filmed in November last year, meaning the employees of London Wholesale have been sworn to secrecy for the past few months.

Omar added: “There was a gap of a few months so we weren’t allowed to say anything at all in between, they wanted us to keep quiet about it.”

Omar believes London Wholesale will feature in the episode of the Apprentice airing at 9pm on BBC1 tonight (Wednesday, April 11).